Custom Labels (Full-color)

These articles will guide in creating custom products with their colored labels.

How to create a custom label

Creating a custom label for your products is very easy. Ultimately, you should refer to the FDA for all up-to-date requirements.  Accurate label design is imperative when you are introducing a new food product into the market.  The information pro...

Orders with unavailable custom labels

Orders which are placed while the custom labels are out of stock will not be fulfilled. You will need to create a new order once custom labels are in stock.

Custom Label Approval

How do I know if my label is approved/rejected? You will see the status inside the app under "My Custom Products" and you will receive an email notification. How do I know why my label is rejected? You will be able to see the reason why it was rej...

Changing Label Design for Custom Coffee Products

If we haven't yet started production for your custom labels, there is an opportunity for you to change the label design. Just send us a message and we will make it available for you to upload a new label.If you are eligible to change the label, yo...

Can I put the FDA/Fair-Trade/Organic certification logos on my packaging?

You cannot add any of their logos, badges, or any intellectual property to the custom labels. You must be the primary holder of certification to be able to utilize those and cannot be a reseller to utilize them on your products.

Custom Label Pricing

You will need to pay 2.50 USD per label design (not quantity) for the FDA compliance review. There is no need to restock labels.

How long does it take for custom labels to be ready for use?

Custom Labels are sent to a professional printing service and then shipped to our production facility. This process takes about 7-8 business days from the time of order.The process is as follows:You order custom labelsWe approved custom labels (1 ...

How do Custom Coffee Products work?

Understand the process of creating custom coffee products and labels.  Through our Custom Coffee Creator, you can have your own designed label on our coffee! Here is how it works. Create your label  - Make sure you follow all of our Custom Label ...

Can I create one custom label and use it for all my coffee?

Unfortunately, this how our free labels work. You get to use one label for all the products you have except they are printed in Black and White.